You Want To Get In Front Of Qualified People Ready To Buy...

But You Don't Have All Day To Chase Them Up.

We can help you with both!

Let's Be Honest..

Your Digital Marketing Efforts Aren't Cutting it

New leads are coming in but they’re really expensive - and even worse, they're not qualified!

When you try to follow up with prospects, your voicemails go unanswered and emails get no replies...which is

frustrating and demoralising for you and your team.

And no matter how many shiny leads you get, they never seem to turn into paying clients

— which makes you wonder…

What's the whole point of this "marketing" thing if it doesn't increase your revenue?

The problem is clear (and the solution is simple). Your marketing agency is chasing the wrong thing.

Because it’s not just about getting more leads…It’s about getting more paying clients. That’s what Automate Convert helps you do.

We create and automate a strategy for the entire client-acquisition process (not just qualified lead generation).

After capturing your prospective client's interest, our Automate Convert Platform maintains contact during their research journey, utilising a variety of touch points from you, so that when they are ready to buy, you are at the top of their mind, instead of your competitors.

  • Deep Diving into your organisation so we know exactly what and who you want to attract

  • Attracting high-quality prospects who are a perfect match for your organisation

  • ​Designing captivating ads to increase the quantity and quality of your client enquiries

  • Customising our automation system to help you follow up your leads (so you don’t have to do it manually!) — build trust on autopilot and generate qualified buying conversations

Here are just some of the results we generate for our clients:

  • RTO banks $2.5 Million revenue from two email marketing campaigns and $0 ad spend.

  • Property Investment company generates $120,000 revenue from $4,631 ad spend with our first Facebook Advertising campaign.

  • Direct selling company enjoys 61 times return on ad spend.

  • Investment Property company decreases cost per lead from $65 to $6 for qualified appointments.

  • Financial Services provider generates additional $300,000 revenue in the last 6 months.

  • Real Estate Agency increases monthly turnover from $80K To $320K.

We’re all about ensuring we're the right fit for our clients. So let’s get to know each other and see if the

Automate Convert System is right for you!

If we’re not the best partner to help you, we’ll refer you to someone who is.

Nothing to lose, right?

We’ve Got You Covered

Strategic Consulting

We help you diagnose your marketing and sales process gaps and recommend proven strategies for greater results.

Facebook Advertising

Our team specialise in creating and managing profitable Facebook campaigns.

Google Advertising

Conversion based Google advertising campaigns are our superpower.

Automated Lead Nurture

Increase the volume of leads your business can handle with our personalised, high-tech and high-touch platform.


Emotionally engaging direct response copy is key to increasing enquiries.

More conversations equals more profit.

Website Development

Benefit from high converting landing pages and websites built for your business and your brand.


Sales Training

Clients enquiring but not buying? Our expert sales training will help your team convert more clients and generate more revenue.

Email Marketing

Conversion, deliverability and direct response - we've got you covered with our proven email marketing expertise.


Success Stories

I had been trying to get a course into high schools for over 4 years and with no success. I even hired some of the “best” (and most expensive) digital marketers in Australia, with ZERO results to show for it.

Student Convert showed me a different approach to marketing for half of what I had paid in the past. They got my RTO into over 50 high schools and generated over $25 Million in increased revenue.

Now they run all our marketing with every course we have on scope. They’ve made a massive difference our business and our lives. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Bruce Bell

Founder & CEO, Skills Generation

Dale Gillham

CEO, Wealth Within

$1.2 Million banked revenue in first month.

Dale and his business partner were nervous after engaging four digital marketing agencies in the last 6 months with next to nothing to show for it.

They were blown away with the results from our first campaign that generated $1.2 Million in their first month with $0 ad spend.

This more than tripled their best month ever in their 18 year history.

David Parry

CEO, Parry Property

Monthly Turnover From $80K To $320K

David engaged the team to create a number of marketing campaigns.

He revolutionised his business from a 2 year old start up, to the market leader within 12 short months, taking out the "Telstra Business Of The Year" State Finalist Award.

John Hanna

CEO, Stoneridge Group

$120,000 revenue from $4,631 Ad Spend

John had used several digital marketing agencies, paying up to $10,000 a month and felt that he had set his money on fire. He was extremely reluctant to try one more time.

He didn't want any more crappy leads - just qualified appointments.

In just 42 days with Automate Convert generated $120,000 in new revenue with just $4,631 in ad spend with his initial marketing campaign.

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